Centralville Sportsmen’s Club is committed to uphold the conservation of wildlife and natural resources. Therefore, the club is honored to be the Charter organization for Cub Scout Pack 8, BSA Troop 80, and Venturing Crew 308. It is the view of the membership that the scouting programs align with the values of our club. Scouting teaches our youth responsibility, pride, and integrity. From Cub Scouts (ages 5 to 11) and Scouts BSA (ages 11 to 18) on up to Venturing Crew (ages 14 to 21) there are a host of activities that promote growth and leadership in our youth. Not only does the club charter Cub Scout Pack 8, BSA Troop 80, and Venturing Crew 308, we make our clubhouse and grounds available to multiple Scout units for meetings, camping, and other events. In addition, the Scouts have proven to be valuable partners in the care and maintenance of the club as they give back by volunteering to help around grounds.

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Adventure Crew 308 and Cub Scout Pack 8 Recruitment Drive

Cub Scout Pack 8 and Adventure Crew 308 spent a beautiful Sunday in May for their recruitment drive complete with a rope bridge that was set up on the site for interested kids to try.