The Centralville Sportsmen’s Club participates in the Merrimack Valley Pistol League (MVPL) which is a .22 Caliber 50’ indoor range bullseye shooting competition. The season runs from mid October thru the beginning of March. Teams have equal home and away matches, and each shooter shoots for his or her best score. Only the top 5 scores from each team are counted so it doesn’t matter if one shooter doesn’t shoot as well as another. Their score will just count less often. New shooters will find plenty of experts to offer suggestions on improving their ability.

Bullseye shooting is a relatively inexpensive sport to get into. Although high quality target pistols can cost more than $2,000, very accurate lower cost pistols such as the Ruger Mark IV cost less than $600 and much less for a used older model.

Members of the Centralville Sportsmen’s Club interested in joining the team or looking for more information may leave a message at the club at 978.452.8095 or send an email to info@cscdracut.org.