In The Community

Dracut Food Pantry

August 2018 and March 2019
C.S.C. answers the call for help and in August of 2018 pitches in to move the Dracut Food Pantry’s food, office furniture and supplies to a temporary location while their area is under construction. C.S.C. is back again in March of 2019 to move everything back to the new and improved original location.

It has been a busy and exciting month for the Dracut Food Pantry, providing us with many reasons to feel grateful. As many of you know, we have been in a temporary space (within the same building) while renovations have been underway. We are happy to let you know that we are back in our original, newly renovated, space. We could not have moved without the help of the Centralville Sportsmen’s Club. A huge thank you to this organization who helped us move into the temporary space and back into the renovated space. We are lucky to count the Centralville Sportsmen’s Club among our friends.
— Dracut Food Pantry April 22, 2019

Joey Middlemiss Superhero Roadrace

The Joey Middlemiss Superhero Roadrace
Every September the Centralville Sportsmen’s Club has provided an army of volunteers in support of the Middlemiss charities. When it comes to directing participants to parking or guiding runners there are none better!

Cub Scouts / Scouts BSA / Venturing Crew 308

Annual Road Cleanup